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Hand Sanitizer 2oz

Hand Sanitizer 2oz

This 80% alcohol, rinse-free, crystal clear sprayable formula evaporates in seconds when applied to the hands and leaves your hands feeling thoroughly clean, moisturized and refreshed. Our special blend of moisturizers condition skin to keep hands soft and smooth, even with frequent use.
Glycerin helps nourish and counteract the drying effects of alcohol.
Aloe Vera is a natural soothing and healing agent.
Also included are Pro Vitamin B-5 and Vitamin E , both of which contribute to healthy looking and great feeling skin.


Scent Guide:


Bubbles & Blush is our tribute to Sparkling Rozay with notes of musk, vanilla, amber, blackberry and raspberry.


Citrus Sweet is a celebration of bergamont kissed with honey. 


Powdered Bliss is fresh and clean with notes of lavender and chamomile. 


Caribbean a tropical escape featuring notes of strawberry, tangerine, pineapple and mango.


Love Stems is a bouquet for the senses featuring Bulgarian rose, raspberry, amber and vanilla.


Cool & Mellow a freshing classic featuring notes of cucumber and cantelope.


Blackberry Molasses is sultry yet sweet featuring notes of raspberry, orchids, vanilla and musk.


Fairytales if sexy was a scent, this is it! Featuring notes of cocoa butter, vanilla, musk and amber.